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Ref: 6263 Date Posted: Friday 18 Aug 2023

INFORM3 Recruitment are currently recruiting on behalf of a Main Contractor for:


**Job Opportunity: Site Manager – Commercial Project in Cork City**


Hey there! ��️ We're on the hunt for a Site Manager extraordinaire to join the dynamic team of a Tier 2 contractor that's making waves in Cork City's construction scene. If you're a hands-on, problem-solving guru with a knack for keeping projects on track and spirits high, this might just be your gig! ��


**Who You Are:**


- **Construction Maestro:** You've got solid experience in managing commercial construction projects and know your way around every corner of a building site. You're the Jedi of blueprints, the maestro of measurements, and the master of materials.


- **Team Dynamo:** You're a born leader who knows how to rally the troops, inspire the crew, and make sure everyone's singing from the same construction hymn sheet. Your charisma is as strong as your hard hat game.


- **Problem-Solving Prodigy:** When the going gets tough, you get tougher. You thrive under pressure and have a knack for finding solutions when unexpected challenges pop up – whether it's a surprise rainstorm or a stubborn concrete pour.


- **Safety Champion:** Your safety goggles are practically glued to your face, and you've got a sixth sense for spotting potential hazards from a mile away. You're committed to keeping everyone on-site safe and sound.


- **Communication Champ:** You're the bridge between the site and the office, able to translate complex construction lingo into plain English that even your grandma would understand. Your email game is strong, and you're not afraid to pick up the phone when things need hashing out.


**What You'll Do:**


- **Project Mastermind:** You'll be the go-to person for overseeing all aspects of our exciting commercial project in the heart of Cork City. From coordinating subcontractors to managing timelines, you'll be the captain of this construction ship.


- **Team Motivator:** Lead, guide, and mentor the construction crew, making sure everyone's pulling in the same direction and delivering their A-game. Happy workers make for a happy site!


- **Quality Control Aficionado:** You've got an eagle eye for detail and won't rest until every brick is laid perfectly, every beam is in place, and every line is straight as an arrow.


- **Budget Ninja:** Keep a watchful eye on project costs, making sure we're not straying off course and that every penny is put to good use.


- **Safety Guru:** Be the safety guardian angel, ensuring that all on-site activities adhere to the highest safety standards. Hard hats, high vis, and hazard awareness – you'll be the embodiment of safety-first.


**What You'll Need:**


- **Experience:** You've got a proven track record of managing commercial construction projects, and your references sing your praises louder than a jackhammer.


- **Credentials:** A relevant construction-related qualification or trade background that gives you the construction street cred you need.


- **Personality:** You're a people person who can charm their way out of a tight spot, negotiate with a smile, and keep morale high even when the concrete's setting.


- **Tech Savviness:** You're comfortable using construction management software, scheduling tools, and all things digital that keep the project wheels turning smoothly.


So, if you're ready to dive headfirst into an exciting commercial project, wrangle a crew of construction rockstars, and be the driving force behind Cork City's next architectural masterpiece, hit us up! ����


For any additional information on the role, please contact Cormac Downey at Inform3 Recruitment. INFORM3 Recruitment is an equal opportunities employer. By applying to this position, you accept the terms of our privacy policy, please find this on our website.